L.E.A.D. The Way Gala 2019

The lights are shining off the ice sculpture, acting as a beacon to the elegant buffet. The serving trays at various levels, showcase different sides, and main courses. The ceiling is reflective, and creates an openness, and overwhelming feeling of togetherness. The chandeliers give an elegance, and hope. The speeches have yet to commence, and a cheerful blend of top 40 music from the decades, guides the conversation.

The Westmont Country Club, in Woodland Park, N.J. is a 50 year old facility, known for it’s cozy grounds, and beautiful landscaping. A better place could not have been chosen to honor L.E.A.D. partners, Douglas J. Steinhardt, Joseph R. Jingoli Jr., and Joe Lupo.

LE.A.D. Executive Director Nick DeMauro, and Executive Vice President John Lindsey, are enthusiastic from the programs new developments; and we at Golden State Events, are overjoyed to be part of our client’s “L.E.A.D. the Way”, 2019 Gala.

L.E.A.D. is fresh on the heels of further expansion into California, working with Congressman Jerry Panetta; and it is currently the fasting growing socio-emotional learning, decision-making skills program, for substance abuse prevention, in the country.

Currently a part of 3,500 school districts, and 2,000 certified instructors, nationwide, and poised to enter more, L.E.A.D. recently received the “California Evidence Based Clearing House” for child welfare endorsement, for it’s 6th grade, “Too Good For Drugs” curricula, created by the Mendez Foundation.

With 20 segments to target and promote goal setting, emotion management, and normative expectations, L.E.A.D. seeks to encourage media fluency, peer pressure resistance, and deep understanding of the layers of addiction, to create a depth of experience, and dialogue, to encourage positive decisions. Coming from a diverse board of educators, law enforcement, business leaders, and artists, L.E.A.D. curricula touches on every aspect of the adolescent experience, and builds a brighter future for every district it is a part of.

New developments are discussed, the dance floor is opened, and a celebration of the year’s work, begins. It’s been a great year for L.E.A.D. and we at Golden State Events, are proud to be a partner with L.E.A.D. in the fight to give students the tools for a better tomorrow. The 2019 “L.E.A.D. the Way” Gala filled us with renewed drive for the end of the year, and the beginning of 2020. We look forward to what’s to come, for our clients, and our team!

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