Golden State Events become Santa’s Helpers

The Oakland Children’s Hospital has been part of our local community for nearly 100 years; an icon in Oakland’s skyline, visible from the freeways, and inviting pause, for the children being cared for on its floors.

It’s a building that houses 30 pediatric subspecialties, and more emergency room cases, than all other local children’s hospitals, combined. It is an easy choice, for us at Golden State Events, to partner with Oakland Children’s Hospital for our annual, holiday toy drive.

Part of the Benioff Children’s Hospital Network, the Oakland Children’s Hospital averages 100 million dollars in charitable care, and community benefits, every year. Employing 75% of the East Bay Pediatricians on the “Best Doctors in America” list, combined with their emphasis on research, cure, as well as care, Oakland Children’s Hospital is an essential part of our community.

On a sunny winter morning, before the holidays, our team followed pallets of toys meticulously selected, en route to the children’s hospital. Excitement built in our cars, knowing the smiles we were about to bring, to children worried Santa will not know where they are.

It’s a yearly tradition for Golden State Events, and one we work hard for, spending hours, and weeks, promoting, and working with our clients “Stand for the Silent”, and “L.E.A.D.” to create local community campaigns, to touch the lives of those closest to us: The work of months, leading to the ultimate moment, of seeing floors of children smile as they receive their gifts.

Hospitals do not empty during the holiday season. On the contrary, they tend to become fuller, due to respiratory illnesses, and chronic illness exacerbated by the harsher months. We are beyond grateful to the Oakland Children’s Hospital, our clients, and our community for all the effort, this holiday season, into the New Year, for the lives of children everywhere.

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