500K Raised

As we enter the fourth quarter, of 2019, we reflect on the $500,000 raised for our community.
How far does $500,000 go? Funding for approximately 2,000 grade levels, in schools across America, to
receive the social-emotional learning lacking in the day to day curriculum. We’ve been able to assist Kirk
and Laura Smalley, in reaching 1,500 schools with a message of, “Stand up, to save lives.” And been able
to hand deliver 200 feminine hygiene kits, to San Francisco’s SisterCircle. 150 school supply filled
backpacks, were hand-packed with care, and delivered, to Community Day School, and Acorn Woodland
We stand in awe of the impact, the simple act of sharing stories, and struggles, has, for building a
stronger tomorrow.

With our partner, “Stand for the Silent,” we begin a legacy of encouraging a proactive, supportive,
learning environment, to prevent suicide in schools across America; and with “L.E.A.D. Law Enforcement
Against Drugs,” been able to promote goal-setting, anger management, media literacy, and social
emotional learning, across campuses nation wide.

With increasingly complex social networks, and ever enlarging classroom sizes, now more than ever,
students need the tools, and vocabulary, necessary to relate to their world, and their peers.
We at Golden State Events, are proud to be part of building a stronger future. We take to heart the
struggles of every child, and each day, strive to bring passion to every interaction.
To learn more about Stand for the Silent presentations, and how to start a chapter, visit www.SFTS.org
To learn more about L.E.A.D.’s “Too Good” lessons, and activities, and how to get it in your local school,
visit www.leadrugs.org

To see the transformative rehabilitation network, created by “Sister’s Circle,” is making in our
community, for women, visit, www.sistercircle.net.


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